Sensing. Connecting. Learning. 

I would like to welcome you to the Revering Existence Sensorium. What you see here is a flood of listening, connecting, and learning moments. In these quiet moments, I discover the art of being a living being in motion and in relation to systems and surrounding environments. I find more of myself, available and missing, out there than I ever do anywhere else. 

Creating change starts with self-awareness, so I hope to be part of growing a culture that celebrates agency in thinking for ourselves, driven by self-reflecting and pondering all parts of ourselves, the world, the medium we connect in, and how we engage with it all. I have found that without that, it is difficult to live, let alone thrive, in a soil that is depleting with every breath we take. So perhaps, conservation is rooted in self-change for systemic change to be tangible, lasting, and meaningful. There is no place to ponder life like the intricacies of living systems communicating with each other to sustain a day of needs.

Nature, in my eyes, is not a luxury to explore, it is a way of learning. It has been essential in repairing the distortions in myself, the confusion in my world, and the relationship that makes or breaks those distortions, the one I am accountable to, within my skin.

The gallery aims to communicate presence, perspective, and connection. In some ways, it is an inquisitive love letter to life. A gratitude paid to the beauty and essence of natural learning.  So I invite you to experience being here with your senses, whatever and however, that works for you, as those are the regenerative gifts.

Thank you for stopping by, taking a breath, and exploring moments of transition, contact, and reminiscence rooted in timelessness alongside me.

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