The Revering Existence Sensorium is an ongoing passion project exploring sensing, connecting, and learning. A space and a frequency to traverse connecting lines that relate a moment, its context, and its subject, in countless variations. 

 Life is a sensory experience of learning and unlearning. A re/detangling. The process itself is constant. The alteration from one to the other, in material, is a matter of perspective, reflection, and allowance for change. The scope here is more about the how of learning, than the what.

A price is attached to the perpetual bias towards speed - the principle of more is |better|- when it takes away the indispensable integration period of spacious observational time of intelligent systems that surround us. Nature is a self-regulating classroom. It demands all of our senses, attention, reflexes, curiosity, and ultimately, application. It is multi-systemic learning because that is how we live, interdependently.

The studio aims to focus on the micro-moments loaded with data ripe for uptake and discovery if we pause for a moment longer each day. Sensory-focus time is a building block of living at full potential. One day, it can become a new baseline. Perhaps then, there will be less war and perpetuated violence in the world and more ability to live in contrast effectively. And rather than tolerance, the systems we install are compassion-focused in problem-solving, if we truly want a more generative, less angry, and enjoyable collective existence and growth together, at any point in time and space. 

Collective change starts with self-change. Both require an intrinsic lens and an extrinsic outlook. I have come to understand that the relationship between those two is the learning process in discovery. How we connect with our own changing beliefs dictates the kind of respect and life quality the world supports and breeds. Nature is where we meet an edge in our understanding of ourselves, in ourselves, and of moving scales that bind us to each other and all living systems. It requires a microscopic look-ability at the most subtle layers sometimes, to find a wealth of fundamental answers.

The journey has been a learning process of decelerating the internal pace, accessing senses in their most subtly detectable form, to get a less pixelated view and a more supple positioning of the drivers of thoughts, impulses, behaviors, and ultimately well-being. These learnings have opened doors of fundamental change through attentiveness, inquisitiveness, and engagement, all of which seem to have an impact on what a sense of self craves itself to be, invigorated and motivated.

I thank you for indulging the moments captured here with your attention. It feels as if slowing down is an act of defiance at times, so there is a sweetness in sharing these moments with you, in your own time of quietude.

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